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Missouri Governor Race

6 Nov

ImageAt nine in the morning on November 6, Governor Jay Nixon supporters lined the sidewalk in front of the Miller Performing Arts Center in Jefferson City, Missouri to support the governor as he cast his ballot to vote.

“It gives you a really good chance to become more aware of differing political views in the state,” Tim Ittner, 17, said about volunteering for the governor’s campaign.

The governor has been consistently ahead of his opponent, Dave Spence, a      Missouri businessman and Republican challenger. Real Clear Politics puts Nixon nine points ahead of Spence, and Public Policy Voting puts him ahead eight points in its November 4 poll.

“We’re supposed to have good weather today, so people should get out and vote,” Nixon said at a press conference after he cast his ballot.

He went on to say that he has faith that Missouri voters will choose him for another four years. He touted his leadership in the state and said that he would be spending the rest of the day with his family, waiting for results to come in.